Electronics Giving You Tunnel Vision?

If you are at your wits ends with that iPad or iPhone. If you have had it up to here

with that stinking laptop.  If you are ready to throw that desktop out the window

because of that virus that keeps coming back.  If you have an idea for an electronic

device but have no idea where to begin in creating it.  If you want some awesome

hardware modifications to give you that competitive edge.  Or any other reason that

is related to electronics modification or repair. YOU HAVE CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.


Customers Feedback

Every company should be this way

I'm very pleased with the help that I received from Deven. I had a couple issues with my webpage, and he fixed them before I could blink!

Tony Clark

Great buisness

 Deven is a true friend & has helped the cause of "Sunday Morning's Country" for years. I would HIGHLY recommend The Crafty Coder!

Harold Wiggs